Fury Water Adventure’s Key West Jet Ski Tour is one of the most exhilarating ways to experience the island. This 90-minute tour explores the island, covering 28 miles and more scenery than you can imagine. From Key West’s diverse offshore ecosystem to major points of interest on land, you’ll see the island from an extraordinary perspective while on the water aboard a Sea Doo Jet Ski. And most unique of all, you’ll have the opportunity to ride in two different oceans, the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Departing from the Opal Key Marina, the Galleon Marina, Hyatt Centric Resort & 0 Duval, trips leave every hour on the half hour. Here are the best views of the island & places to see while on a Key West Jet Ski Tour!

Sunset celebration at Mallory Square

Mallory Square

Zoom past Mallory Square, home to the famed Sunset Celebration, local vendors selling knick-knacks and restaurants serving up delicious cuisine. If you take a Jet Ski tour later in the day, you’ll see a crowd of spectators and street performers starting to form in anticipation of the sunset.

Key West Harbor

With fishing yachts, sailboats, catamarans and even cruise ships constantly entering and exiting the harbor, it’s always exciting to race through the channel on a Jet Ski. You’ll catch the classic sights of Key West and all the action of the marinas that feed into the channel.

Fleming Key

You’ve visited the southernmost point buoy on land; now it’s time to zoom in the other direction to Key West’s northern point, Fleming Key. This piece of land is home to the United States Army Special Forces Underwater Operations Training Center, located at the northern tip. Accessible on land only to those with US Navy clearance, Fleming Key is a sight most people will never see.

People making a stop during the Fury Jet Ski Tour in Key West


Heading north, you’ll encounter the edge of Key West’s backcountry. This expanse of shallow sand flats, turtle grass and mangrove islands is rarely seen by visitors, so you’ll get a look at the famed Key West waters just like the locals do.

Kid holding a starfish in Key West

Sandbars & Starfish

It’s in the Atlantic Ocean that you’ll hop off your jet ski and cool off in the warm, shallow waters of a natural sandbar. And after a few miles of adventurous terrain, this relaxing and calm location will be just the rejuvenation you need to finish out your tour. Keep your eyes peeled for everything from conch shells to starfish on the ocean floor here.

Dolphins & Sea Turtles

As the tour continues, be on the look out for pods of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and the occasional Loggerhead Sea Turtle coming up for air. They are abundant in the waters here; so you have a great chance of encountering them during your Jet Ski tour.

Girls on jet skis in Key West

Atlantic Ocean

Towards the southern edge of the island, the Atlantic Ocean laps against Key West’s shores. This area is the least protected, meaning sometimes the water gets a little choppy here. Depending on your level of adventure, it’s fun to race across the small waves to get your adrenaline pumping, or you can slow down for a more relaxed and scenic ride.

Southernmost Point

Traditionally visited on land by way of Whitehead Street, you’ll have an awesome view of the Southernmost Point Buoy from the water aboard your seafaring adventure mobile. Time to break out the waterproof cameras for a one-of-a-kind photo opp!

People watching the sunset in Ket West

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park & Beach

Next up, you’ll pass Fort Zachary Taylor State Park & Beach, arguably the most picturesque beach in Key West with views due south to the Atlantic Ocean and Sand Key Lighthouse. Scope out the sandy shoreline and make a mental note of where you want to spread out your blanket for a day at the beach before your vacation is over!

Please note that your Jet Ski route & stops may change due to the sea state conditions. You can always give us a call to find out the current weather conditions!

Last Updated 12/14/2023