by Shayne Benowitz

Fury Girl with a snorkeler at the reef.

Fury Girl with a snorkeler at the reef.

Now that spring has fully sprung it is the absolute best time of year to enjoy a day at sea. It’s true, in Key West we are incredibly fortunate to have a warm climate all year long, but there is still something special about the gorgeous conditions that we find at the reef during the month of May.

The strong winds that sometimes mark late winter have subsided and the ocean’s surface is flat and calm, which results in optimal visibility. At Sand Key today those were exactly the conditions we were greeted with as the Pacific Fury pulled up to the lighthouse.

As we made our approach, I peered over the rails and could see the sandy ocean floor with patches of sea grass and the occasional coral head. This is always a good sign of excellent conditions. I couldn’t wait to get in the water. The sun was hot and the water temperature this time of year is absolutely perfect. It’s refreshing and invigorating, not too hot and not too cold.

When I dove in on lifeguard duty, I plunged underneath the surface to check the visibility. It seemed infinite. I reported back to the captain that there was easily 70 feet of crystal clear water.

The other great thing about springtime at the reef is that the fish are flourishing. There was a vibrant school of blue tang, dozens of yellowtail snapper, and my favorite the midnight blue parrotfish. I am looking forward to the abundance of perfect springtime conditions ahead of us as we move towards the sizzling months of summer. And I look forward to meeting you out on the water. See you soon!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crewmember and freelance writer working on her debut novel. For more travel stories and a daily dose of what’s cool around the globe visit her Wanderlust Website at

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