Key West Boat Trip on Fury Catamaran

Fury catamaran by Alan Nelson.

I’ve been taking snapshots of all the fun we have at Fury for years now, and if you’ve been to our website or seen our brochures, then you’ve also seen our amazing professional photos. What I really love to look at, though, are pictures from our fans. It seems like almost every day we get a new photo posted to our Facebook page or sent out on Twitter. Some of them are amusing shots of family and friends on the boats, and others really capture the natural beauty that surrounds us on any given day in Key West.

Fury parasailing in Key West

Fury parasailing by Alan Nelson.

We have one local shutterbug who’s been consistently contributing some pretty amazing Fury photos for the last few months now. I have to say, I’m impressed with his photo composition and his eye for catching a great moment. He’s none other than your friendly Sunset Pier at Ocean Key House bartender Alan Nelson.

The Fury crew is chummy with the staff of many local bars and restaurants around town, especially when they’re in close proximity to our boats, and Sunset Pier has long been one our favorite spots to grab lunch in between trips. In fact, Al may not remember it, but he’s one of the first people I met on this island my first summer in Key West back in 2005. I’d go there on my days off to watch the sunset before I knew many people on the island and he was always super nice.

Dolphins Diving During Key West Sunset Cruise

Dolphins during the Commotion by Alan Nelson.

With Sunset Pier perched at the end of Mallory Square and beautiful views of the Key West Harbor, it’s no wonder Al has the chance to snap some great photos of the Fury boats coming and going on the Key West Sunset Cruise. He also joined us on a recent Commotion on the Ocean and shared a couple of Key West sunset pictures as well as a dolphin sighting.

The next time you’re in Key West, be sure to swing by the bar at Sunset Pier. It’s a great spot for lunch on the water or for a drink during the world-famous Key West Sunset, usually with live music. Say hi to Al and the rest of the gang for us!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crew member and freelance writer. Email her at or follow the fun on Twitter @FuryKeyWest or @ShayneBenowitz.

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Last Updated 03/18/2024