Key West Sunsets at the Southernmost Point

The record-breaking Facebook photo: 250 likes, 32 comments, 17 shares.

I’ve mentioned in a few recent blogs that catching the sunset in Key West is an absolute priority on any vacation here. I even go so far as to recommend watching it set every single night you’re in town. Whether it’s at Mallory Square, a Key West sunset sail aboard Fury, on the rooftop of La Concha, or any number of impromptu settings, it’s just something beautiful to revel in night after night.

That’s exactly what I did my first month in Key West working at Fury, before I moved down here permanently. Working sunset sails was a joy, just knowing that the evening would end in a gorgeous sunset. On my days off, I’d ride my bike to Mallory Square or meet new friends at La Concha because I just had to watch the sunset. When friends came to visit, our itinerary revolved around catching the sunset. And the trick is to linger after it sinks beyond the horizon because the colors in the sky are a true work of art. We’re lucky here in the Keys because we’re surrounded by so much natural beauty every day from the sky to the sea.

This affection for the sunset is shared by so many. After all, there’s a celebration at Mallory Square every night. On a recent day off, I was walking my dog by the Southernmost Point buoy right at sunset. I lingered for awhile amongst the tourists. I even spotted a Fury catamaran on the horizon. I snapped a few pictures, and shared one with our Fury Facebook page with the caption, “Wish you were here.”

The picture got quite a reaction! In fact, I think it set a record for our page with 250 likes, 32 comments, and 17 shares. And I think the imagery of the Southernmost Point buoy coupled with the sunset and that message struck a chord with everyone Key West dreaming on a winter day in January.

We love sharing the beauty of our island with you and hope to be a part of your Key West memories and daydreams for years to come. Greetings from paradise! Come back soon!

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Last Updated 08/02/2023