Westy unloading the prone paddles.

Westy unloading the prone paddles.

by Shayne Benowitz

For many of us at Fury, a day off means the chance to get out on the water for pleasure as opposed to work (not that we don’t have plenty of fun on the clock! :). Seasons and weather conditions dictate what activities we can participate in on our days off. In the wintertime when the wind picks up there’s kiteboarding and the occasional surf break. In the warmer months when the seas are calm and flat there’s wakeboarding and paddleboarding.

On a recent gorgeous morning, Captain Westy and I both had a day off and decided to go for a nice paddle. Westy is definitely captain of the Fury paddleboard team, and he and Nicole have made the sport a part of their regular routine. They began with standup paddling a few years ago, and recently gave the prone paddle a try.

Westy and I headed to Hurricane Hole Marina to put in the prone paddles and explore the canals and mangrove channels. This was the first time I tried the prone paddles. You lay on your stomach and paddle with your arms or kneel to sprint for a more vigorous workout. The current was calm with a nearly slack tide and the sun was bright and warm. Westy warned me that balancing might be trickier on the prone board as opposed to the standup, but it didn’t take long to get my stride.

Tourists kayaking arrive at a marina in Key West

It was an easy glide down the channel and I could feel the workout in my abs, back, arms, and even my glutes. We found a little mangrove passage and decided to explore. It was like being in another world with the branches and green leaves canopying us as if we were in a winding tunnel. We spotted a heron fishing for her lunch in a little inlet. By the time we came out at the other end, we were looking at the airport.

When we made our way back, we decided to race for the bridge in the kneeling position and I could definitely feel the burn. Back at Hurricane Hole, it was time for lunch. The next time you’re out that way, you’ve got to try the fish tacos garnished with mandarin oranges and a side of rice. Westy loved them because they weren’t messy and the portion was just right for a healthy and filling lunch.

Shayne enjoying fish tacos.

Shayne enjoying fish tacos.

I look forward to more days off in the sun and perfecting my mad skills on the board. We’re sure we’re all on the brink of going pro! I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crewmember and freelance writer. For more travel stories and a daily dose of what’s cool around the globe visit her Wanderlust Website at http://web.me.com/shaynebeth.

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