The Fury Crew at Mote's Ocean Fest.

The Fury Crew at Mote’s Ocean Fest.

At Fury, our commitment to ocean conservation is steadfast. Every member of the Fury team, from our captains and crew to our owners and staff share a deep love for the ocean that surrounds our island city. That’s why we show up to work every day with smiles on our faces feeling extremely lucky that we get to convene with nature every day and make a living doing it.

If you’ve been out on our boats, you know what I’m talking about. Whether it’s the excitement of spotting a pod of dolphins, swimming with a sea turtle or the thrill of salt spray as you take off on a parasail or jet ski, it’s easy to fall in love with Key West and its water.

We educate our guests on all of our snorkel trips about the delicate nature of our coral reefs and how to snorkel safely without harming them. We  explain that we want these reefs to be around for future generations. Our glass bottom boat and Island Adventure eco-tours also educate guests about Key West’s unique ecosystem which is so important to our diverse marine life. That’s part of our commitment as proud NOAA Blue Star Operators.

Earlier in April we hosted another offshore beach and mangrove cleanup at Boca Grande with the US Fish & Wildlife Services and The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. We’ve been giving this beach some love for over a year now, and while we rounded up 19 bags of trash and debris, there seemed to be less trash there than last time.

Our commitment to ocean conservation extends to reef restoration and that’s why we donate $1 of every snorkel trip ticket to Mote Marine Laboratories who are doing amazing work to restore the reefs along Key West. We’re helping to fund a coral forest at Sand Key, which we look forward to sharing with guests soon. They celebrated their annual Ocean Fest last month at The Florida Keys Eco Discovery Center and we were proud sponsors. We enjoyed a fun afternoon festival all in the name of Mother Ocean.

We want to thank all of our fans and guests for helping us support these worthy causes. We want the waters of Key West to be beautiful and healthy for years to come, so that you can visit with your grandkids one day and marvel at this very special place on earth.

Last Updated 05/27/2021