The Cory Heydon Band aboard a Fury boat in Key West

by Shayne Benowitz

The Cory Heydon Band is as much a part of Fury Water Adventures as any captain or crew member. Performing their classic cover songs and original hits nightly, they’ve made the Commotion on the Ocean one of the hottest tickets in town for nearly six years. Guests return year after year to hear their favorite songs. I was aboard the Commotion recently when I heard a brand new tune in the playlist.

It had all the qualities I’ve come to expect: Terry’s energetic drumbeat, Tom’s bass melding with Cory’s rockin’ guitar rift, and the soulful bluesy cry of Cory’s harmonica. Then, I listened as Cory belted out the lyrics… “Well I got a little bounce to my step alright/ Cause the sun’s sliding into a Key West night!”

I liked the sound of it immediately. Then the chorus kicked in:

Out on the Fury!

Set that sun!

Out on the Fury

Have some fun!

Out on the Fury

Water’s fine!

Out on the Fury

Have a great time!

All I have to say is, it’s about time they wrote an original song about sailing with Fury in Key West! The song is a real crowd pleaser and encapsulates the fun of being, well, “Out on the Fury!” as the song is titled. The song was written by Terry who is the drummer and backup vocalist for the band.

Next time you’re in town, we certainly hope you’ll join us “Out on the Fury!” for the Commotion on the Ocean. We promise it to be an entertaining night complete with a gorgeous sunset at sea, along with margarita, beer, wine, and a delicious appetizer spread. In the meantime, check out the new Band Page app on our Facebook page where you can sample a couple of Cory Heydon Band classics while you’re scrolling through all the awesome fan pix on our wall!

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Last Updated 10/29/2021