Selfie of man and woman on a boat

Fury Girl & Captain Drew.

Spring is in the air and the temperatures in Key West have definitely heated up this week. When it gets sweltering on land, there’s no place we would rather be than on one of our catamarans reef bound. Captain Drew and his crew set sail last week on an afternoon Key West Snorkeling Trip, and it was so much fun!

It was such a hot day, but as soon as we raised the sail and headed south, the ocean breeze felt amazing. We got to Eastern Dry Rocks and there was no other boat in sight. The water was sparkling deep blue, green and aquamarine. Drew had just finished telling us that the blue water of the Gulf Stream was nearby, which means awesome visibility. He was right. We jumped in and the water clarity was amazing.The temperature was just right too, cool and refreshing.

We began swimming toward the canyons covered in healthy yellow corals with outcroppings of purple sea fans fluttering in the gentle current. So pretty! Guests were delighted to see an abundance of parrotfish (one of our favorites!) all over the reef. There were large midnight blues swimming with large rainbows and juvenile stoplights. They’re just so colorful and beautiful, especially when there’s a whole school swimming together.

We had a fun time diving deep to see what was lurking underneath ledges. All of a sudden, an enormous silver fish swam past our group and we realized it was a tarpon. They’re always cool to spot at the reef. We kept swimming further out to other canyons, exploring all that there was to see. We found ourselves swimming above a large sandy patch when a really big shark was spotted.

The sail back to shore was great after time in the water. Our crew is definitely looking forward to more perfect snorkeling days as spring turns to summer, and we certainly look forward to seeing you all on board!

Shayne Benowitz is a freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @ShayneBenowitz.

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