Young fury fans enjoying spring break in Key West

Spring Breakers on a sunset sail

This is arguably the biggest Spring Break week in Key West. Although we’re running great promotions all monthlong for our student visitors, this is the week most of the big Florida schools are on break. In addition to University of Florida and Florida State, we’ve also got schools like University of Georgia and Eastern Carolina representing in Key West!

By now you should know that the best way to spend your day in Key West is on the water, and we’re making that super easy for you with our Spring Break deals, but what about after our legendary sunset sail? It’s time to hit Duval Street, of course!

Here’s the official Fury Crew tried-and-tested party spots (in no particular order) not to miss this Spring Break:

Lighted Sloppy Joe's over New Year's Eve in Key West

Sloppy Joe’s over New Year’s Eve.

1. Sloppy Joe’s A classic. You never know what the night will have in store at Sloppy Joe’s. This is easily the most legendary bar in Key West, and for good reason. It’s an anything-goes kind of place with great live music and a big dance floor.

2. Lazy Gecko This is certainly a local’s hangout and a favorite place at almost any hour of the day. It’s common to start and end your night here. It’s a small, dark bar right next to Sloppy’s and across the street from Rick’s. Earlier in the night, there’s usually a singer/songwriter type strumming his guitar and singing. Later on, the DJs take over and dancing ensues on the dance floor and the bar.

3. Rick’s If you want to dance, then this is your spot. With DJs spinning everything from Hip Hop, Top 40s, and House, the enormous dance floor and multi-bar setup draws a huge Spring Break crowd. You don’t want to miss out!

4. Pete’s Dueling Pianos This is one of the newer bars in town and it’s got a strong following and a unique schtick. Order your drinks and tune in as the dueling pianists take on your favorite songs to sing along. Their renditions are lively and get the crowd on their feet.

Fury Girl sittin' on the Porch with someone's pet parakeet

Fury Girl chillin’ on the Porch with someone’s pet parakeet.

5. The Porch For the (somewhat) mature Spring Breaker with a taste for craft beer and fine wine, The Porch is your destination. Don’t be intimidated by the “locals only” vibe. The bartenders and crowd are definitely inviting. You’ll find your place in the eclectic ensemble.

Life band performing at the Green Parrot in Key West

Band performing at the Green Parrot.

6. Green Parrot It doesn’t get much better than the Parrot. Whether it’s a Saturday night with a live band or a random night with the juke box blaring, the Green Parrot is an only-in-Key-West destination you’ll fall for. Order a round of root beer barrels to go with your Bud Lights, grab a tray of popcorn and belly up to the bar.

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Last Updated 10/29/2021