Tropical bougainvillea in bloom in sunny Key West

Tropical bougainvillea in bloom in Key West.

By Shayne Benowitz

Did it sneak up on anyone else?  For some silly reason, I thought winter was going to last forever. For those of you who actually live in a colder climate, I’m sure it still feels like wintertime. But as it turns out, Spring has sprung!

First Daylight Savings Time last weekend, then the Super Moon Saturday night, and finally the first day of Spring on Sunday.  The seasons are changing. Can we already be a quarter of the way through 2011? Time flies!

I know much of the country has gone through an extremely cold and snowy winter. In Key West, ours couldn’t have been milder. Now that it’s March, the weather is behaving exactly as you would expect: mostly sunny and warm with the occasional blustery day. This week’s Key West weather forecast calls for temperatures pushing into the lower 80s, lots of sunshine, moderate humidity, and a gentle breeze. Pretty much perfection!

We’re in the midst of our busy Spring Break season and boatloads of passengers have been enjoying Key West’s greatest attractions with us: the stunning coral reef and the beautiful sunset. If you’d like to squeeze in a trip to Key West before April 3, we’ll be happy to treat the ladies to half off on almost all of our trips.

Also, stay tuned for a big unveil this Spring. We’ve got new boats, new trips, and new ways to enjoy the dynamic waters and ecosystem that surround Key West and make the Florida Keys so unique.

Spring is a beautiful time of year. I like it because it means summertime is right around the corner! Enjoy the lovely weather, and won’t you pay us a visit in Key West?

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Last Updated 10/29/2021