Sunset Key Beaches Outside Key West

Sunset Key on Easter.

Our Fury Fans are stronger than ever! Still, every now again, we’ll post a picture to Facebook that gets a particularly strong reaction. That was the case when I shared this gorgeous picture of Sunset Key on Easter Sunday. There’s something about the lone palm tree, the crystal clear aquamarine water, and the sandy beach with a dock that just screams paradise. I also love that if you look closely, you can see three different parasail boats on the horizon with their chutes up.

The picture was taken by my good friend Betsy who was visiting from Miami over Easter Weekend with her family. During their stay, they enjoyed our jet ski tour and a morning snorkel trip. On Easter Sunday, they had a lovely brunch at Sunset Key (good taste!), and that’s when Betsy snapped this picture.

When she sent it to me, I knew that our fans would love it. I just didn’t know how much! The picture got 236 likes (yes, I think another record breaker!), 28 shares, and 14 comments on Facebook alone. Pretty impressive!

As always, we’re having a blast on the water in Key West. The weather is getting so gorgeous! We also love sharing pictures and stories with you all year round, no matter where you are. It’s never too early to start Key West dreaming, just head to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and join in the fun!

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Last Updated 10/29/2021