Adventure Island 2.0

For those of you to whom adventure is just an extension of your soul, you’ll be right at home at the open water adventure park that’s part of our most popular excursion, the Ultimate Adventure! If you’ve never been to a waterpark that’s literally a park in the middle of the ocean, you’re in for a big-time surprise. This is the only state-certified water park that adheres to coat-guard rules & regulations and we take great care to make sure that all inflatables are treated and positioned with every consideration to the natural eco-system. Our water toys are awesome, next-level contraptions that will challenge and thrill you in equal fashion. Here’s the rundown:

key west ocean waterpark with Fury

Over 3,500 Feet of Inflatables

This loop brings the extra large fun-factor to the party with climbing walls, slides and some jumping and crawling thrown in for good measure.

fury water adventure park

Action Tower XXL

This thing is just plain nuts! This eye-catching toy will test your endurance with climbing, crawling, hanging and sliding! You can take in the Key West views from the top!

fury water park adventure with 3 friends

Fun with Friends

You are guaranteed to have a good time with friends and family on this floating ocean waterpark. You will be all smiles racing through the course climbing, jumping and sliding while balancing across twists and turns!

Since it has been afloat, this unique, state-certified water park has definitely gotten great reviews amongst our customers and the crew.

aerial view of the ultimate adventure

As always, the parasail boats will be zooming around to send you sky high and banana boats will take you on a wild ride! Haven’t had enough fun on our Ultimate Adventure H2.0? Hope aboard one of our many Key West snorkeling tours for the Ultimate experience.

Guests aboard Fury Water Adventures Catamaran

The Ultimate Adventure is like a sampler platter of the coolest thrills you can experience in the warm Gulf waters of lovely Key West. Since you can’t go full-throttle on an empty stomach, you are provided satisfying refreshing snacks with unlimited beverages. The grown-up kind are also provided but only available after the jet-ski portion of your adventure is complete. So, if you’re looking for something that has it all and an experience that is second to none, you gotta try this trip.

Last Updated 03/03/2024