Snorkel North America’s only living reef from a spacious Fury catamaran

With our ever growing fleet of six parasail boats, it’s common for us to fly hundreds of people every day in Key West. At least a few of these passengers get on our boats and are extremely nervous. Usually the fears people have about Key West parasailing are completely unfounded, and we do everything we can to make our guests feel safe and at ease on board. After all, we’ve got some of the most experienced captains in the business. We love the thrill and excitement of parasailing, and here’s four reasons why you will, too.

Image of people parasailing in Key West1. Parasailing is NOT a rollercoaster. Are you afraid that parasailing is a thrill ride? We’re here to tell you that it’s actually a gentle and relaxing experience. You’ll feel like you’re floating in air as you gradually ascend 300 feet above the water with unparalleled views of Key West. Many of our customers return surprised at how peaceful and quiet the experience is. No butterflies in your stomach—guaranteed! Of course, if you want a little more excitement, just tell your captain.
Image of people parasailing in Key West2. You are harnessed in securely. Once we clip you into the tandem bar, your work is done. Time and again, passengers get nervous and hold onto their straps so tightly their knuckles turn white. It doesn’t take any strength to parasail and your harness has a back support. In fact, you don’t have to hold on at all. Just sit back and relax. You’re in there safely!
Image of people getting ready to parasail in Key West3. You don’t have to know how to swim. Aside from a dip in the water, which some people say is the best part of the experience, you’re soaring high in the sky or seated safely on the boat. No swimming ability necessary!
Aerial view of Key West while parasailing4. Dry take offs and landings. Sometimes we have passengers on board who parasailed 20 years ago in Cancun or Acapulco and have terrible memories of running on the beach to take off or steering the parachute to land. At Fury, we have the latest technology to reel you on and off the boat using a mechanical winch so that your take off and landing is safe and stress free.

Now are you ready to fly? We look forward to seeing you in Key West aboard our parasail boats soon.