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Our Environmental Commitment

The Florida Keys eco-system consists of diverse habitats, including mangroves, coral reefs, and pinelands, that are abundant in species that only exist and thrive in this part of the world. The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, a 2,800 square nautical mile eco-system that surrounds the 126-mile island chain of the Florida Keys where these various species make their home, is protected by the vigilance of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, but the fight to preserve this eco-system needs more reinforcements.

Coral reefs are an incredibly complex network of corals, plant life and marine animals that all work together to ensure each others survival as well as the survival of their human counterparts existing above the waterline. They protect shorelines from storm damage, they are important sources of new medicines being developed to treat cancer, arthritis, and many other serious diseases, and reefs provide food for many millions of people since fish spawn and grow around coral. This helps to regulate carbon dioxide levels in the oceans and protects coastal areas from erosion. Take out any one part of this chain of life and the reef system, along with those that depend on it, becomes threatened.

How can we better protect and appreciate the spectacular oceans we have all inherited?

We are proud to say, Fury Water Adventures is leading the way in oceanic conservation efforts as part of their mission to give back to that which gives us all so much.

Key West Reef

We donate a portion of each ticket sold to reef conservation and Key West community initiatives.

Giving back to the Conch Republic community is an integral part of Fury’s foundation. It’s part of our core mission to educate and inspire future generations to care for the incredible marine life and vast ecosystem home to the Florida Keys. As part of our ongoing commitment to support organizations that protect, preserve, and restore the Florida Keys’ marine eco-system, we donate a portion of each ticket sold to reef conservation and Key West community initiatives.

This sanctuary is one of 15 marine protected areas that make up the National Marine Sanctuary System. Administered by NOAA (The National Oceanic Atmospheric Association), a federal agency, and jointly managed with the State of Florida, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary protects 2,800 square nautical miles of waters surrounding the Florida Keys, from south of Miami westward to encompass the Dry Tortugas. Though this funding initiative is relatively new, Fury has been actively donating to The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and other kindred organizations in addition to an ongoing commitment to educate the public as well as their own staff, the importance of responsible snorkeling/diving.

Fury is proud to support the following Key West community organizations:

  • Florida Keys SPCA
  • Mote Marine Laboratory
  • Studios of Key West
  • Florida Keys SPCA Spring Social
  • MWR Fund
  • Autism Society of the Keys
  • Boys and Girls Club of the Keys Area
  • Key West Wildlife Center Inc.
  • Somerset Island Prep


Because of a firm belief that, when it comes to preserving the environment that we all depend on to live and work, you should never rest on your laurels, we decided to head back to school. What does that mean, exactly? Our crew takes part in a continuing education program to achieve Blue Star Certification. This program, established by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and by NOAA, recognizes tour operators who are committed to promoting responsible and sustainable diving, snorkeling, and fishing practices to reduce the impact of these activities on ecosystems in the Florida Keys. Blue Star operators take the extra step to educate you to be better environmental stewards and to interact responsibly with the natural resources in the Keys. Multiple times a year, staff, along with NOAA volunteers embark on a clean-up mission to rid the mangrove areas and smaller surrounding keys of errant fishing nets and all manner of debris that threatens the well-being of our environment.

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Our water toys are awesome, next-level structures that will challenge and thrill you in equal fashion but enjoying them responsibly is always the first consideration with us. This is the only state-certified water park that adheres to Coast Guard rules & regulations and we take great care to make sure that all inflatables are treated and positioned with every consideration to the natural eco-system.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

We’re committed to doing our part in protecting the planet in any way we can. Due to the adverse toxic pathological effects to our oceans brought about by the chemicals found in most conventional sunscreen products, regular sunscreen will not be found on our ships. Several harmful chemicals, chief among them being octinoxate and oxybenzone, have been found to cause coral bleaching and ocean acidification. Instead, in an effort to support and protect our coral reefs, we’re only offering reef-safe sunscreen on all of our adventures. This means the products have been rigorously tested for biodegradability, aquatic toxicity, and coral reef safety and formulated to be safe and healthy for humans as well as marine life.

Dolphin Smart Logo


As one of the most intuitive and intelligent mammals in the wild, dolphin are wonderful subjects to observe. The way they gather in pods, look out for one another and their gregarious sense of play is an endless source of wonder and a reminder that we humans have much to learn from them. They are even known to give each other names! Our popular Dolphin Watch Eco-Tour is a great way to come into contact with these marvelous creatures and we are proud to be Dolphin SMART. Not only does it imply education, but SMART in this context means Stay back 60 yards, Move away cautiously if dolphins seem agitated, Always put your engines in neutral, Refrain from feeding, touching or swimming with a wild dolphin, and Teach others to be dolphin smart. The Dolphin SMART program offers participation incentives for businesses that follow the program criteria and educate their customers about the importance of minimizing wild dolphin harassment. It also includes an important research component that provides insight into the daily lives of the local, wild dolphin populations.

Fury crew cleaning beach


Consistent with our mission to celebrate and preserve Key West’s marine eco-system, Fury Water Adventures, along with NOAA, leads multiple beach clean-up efforts every year. A particular area of concentration for the clean-up effort is Woman Key, an island within the purview of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. Volunteers from the island, school groups, members of our own staff and those employed by the National Marine Sanctuary comb the waters in and around the mangroves removing any discarded debris, fishing line that could endanger marine life and all waste that could have a detrimental effect on the area’s eco-system.


We have worked diligently, over many years to deliver the public an exhilarating and rewarding experience on the water but doing it in a way that honors our oceans. On this, we will never compromise and we will continue, as part of our ongoing mission, to encourage others, be they businesses or private citizens, to do their part to treat our delicate eco-system with the respect it deserves.