The Key West parasailing docks at Fury are very busy year round. As time goes by, our crew parasails more and more people, yet the majority of our passengers are first-timers to parasailing. Most of the time we have a boatload of excited vacationers ready for some high-energy activities on board. Sometimes, though, there are a few passengers who are extremely nervous about the prospect of flying 300 feet above the water strapped into a harness attached to a line secured with one knot. It’s our job to make people feel as safe and comfortable as possible so we totally empathize with any feelings of nerves or jitters. It’s only natural! No need to be worried, though. Parasailing is SAFE, FUN and EASY!

What is parasailing?

Parasailing is a recreational kiting activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that reminds one of a parachute, known as a parasail wing. The manned kite’s moving anchor may be a car, truck, or boat. The harness attaches the pilot to the parasail, which is connected to the boat, or land vehicle, by the tow rope. The vehicle then drives off, carrying the parascender (or wing) and person into the air. Up to three people can parasail behind it at the same time. It’s also one of the coolest things to do in Key West!

Is it a thrill ride?

It’s actually a very peaceful experience. You climb through the air at a steady, gradual pace. You won’t feel your stomach drop like you’re on a rollercoaster. Of course, if you want a more wild ride, just talk to your captain about a few extra dips in the water and the other tricks he has up his sleeve.

Do you have to hang on for dear life?

A lot of people get nervous because they think they have to hold on or else they might fall. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s impossible. This is the one that trips up most of our nervous riders. They worry that if they let go of the harness straps, they might fall out. That’s the first thing we explain to our passengers. The harness keeps you strapped in securely with a seat and back support. You can let go, you can lean back and relax, and you’re not going anywhere. Promise.

Is it similar to riding a roller coaster full of heart-racing drops?

For the faint of heart or roller coaster fearful, good news! Parasailing is nothing like the fast-paced roller coasters of amusement parks. Most of the time people come back down to say that it was surprisingly peaceful and quiet. You’ll glide up into the air at a gradual pace and the experience feels like floating. That’s not to say that you won’t get a thrill here or there as you take it all in, but we promise it’s not scary!

Do you have to know how to swim?

Parasailing is actually one of the only watersports we offer where no swimming is required to fully enjoy it. You hop on the boat, we harness you up and off you go. Your only brush with water is a calculated dip into the ocean and then you fly up into the sky again.

Do you have to steer the parachute?

Before parasailing technology got to where it is today, there used to be more work for the rider. Think, running from the beach to take off and steering the chute. At Fury Water Adventures, those techniques are ancient history. Your ride is controlled 100% by our experienced captains who use a mechanical winch to send you up and reel you back in. Your captain is also well aware of the wind and its direction in relation to our boat, so there’s no need to worry. We’ve got you covered.

What does it feel like?

It feels like your floating, basically. To start you sit on the back of the boat and you slowly drift into the air, and when the time comes to slowly descend back to the deck of the boat, it’s as easy as putting your feet out for the perfect landing.

How many packages does Fury have that include parasailing?

In addition to the solo parasailing trip, you can also combine this activity with jet-skiing, banana boat ride and more by booking the Ultimate Adventure H2.0.

Sway to the rhythm of the Key West breeze ☀️

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AND DON’T FORGET TO…Smile for the camera!

Since this is your first time parasailing, it might just be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ve got to get some pictures to prove to the folks back at home that you actually did it! Talk to your mate on board and ask him or her about our special photo package. Trust me, you’re going to want these pictures!

We would say almost every customer who goes up nervous comes down absolutely beaming and gushing about how amazing the experience is. If you’ve never been parasailing, we hope you’ll join us in Key West to see for yourself! You’ll soon realize that it’s one of the most fun activities on the water.

Last Updated 01/24/2024