by Shayne Benowitz

Funky neon Ray Ban's at the Surf Shack.

Funky neon Ray Ban’s at the Surf Shack.

In Key West’s eternal summer climate, it’s easy to forget what season it is altogether. However, I couldn’t help but spot some hot summer trends in beachwear over the last few months. We’ve got some pretty stylish crewmembers and our customers seem to have an eye for what’s en vogue when it comes to soaking up the sun, too.

A group of girls on the parasail boat sporting the bandeau bikini fashion.

A group of girls on the parasail boat sporting the bandeau bikini fashion.

Bathing suits and sunglasses are obvious summer staples that we Key Westers get to rock all year. So what cuts and trends are particularly modern and fashionable right now? By far, the most popular bikini cut is the wonderfully liberating strapless bandeau top. Girls have banished the triangle top’s tan line and its weighty knot around the neck for a more easy, breezy alternative. The look is carefree, youthful, and sweet; and it’s cropping up everywhere on Fury’s boats.

Worried about whether it’s functional? I first saw crewmembers Julie and Jenna sporting the look, and thought, “If they can wear it at work, so can I!” I’m happy to say that my new black Volcom bandeau top from the Fury Surf Shack has, ahem, “held up” perfectly on the parasail boats, and it’s comfortable to boot! Another trend I’d like to get a handle on is the mixing and matching of tops and bottoms that Fury Surf Shack’s Annabelle pulls off so well.

Fury Girl's pick for a modern twist on the classic wayfarer.

Fury Girl’s pick for a modern twist on the classic wayfarer.

When it comes to sunglasses, my motto has always been: the bigger, the better. However, this season’s funky twist on the classic wayfarer has been all the rage. From neon frames to crazy patterns, anything seems to go! Catamaran crewmember Kayla has been rocking a red pair to work, and she looks absolutely of-the-moment. The Fury Surf Shack has a fab selection of the Ray Ban frames. I personally love the two-tone mother of pearl finish in white and blue that I spotted on the rack yesterday.

For the guys? Well, gentlemen, Quiksilver introduced a new line of retro board shorts available at the Surf Shack that are also eco friendly. By the way, retro means you’ll be showing a little more leg than what you might be used to. I’m personally all for it! After all, being fashion forward requires a certain degree of fearlessness!

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